Creekside Elementary School

Creekside Elementary School
Cultivating Curiosity


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Creekside Elementary School at Martin Park is a neighborhood school that serves south Boulder and an international population. The Creekside community is comprised of students from over 45 countries which gives students the opportunity to experience various cultures on a daily basis. It is represented by a cross-section of socioeconomic and ethnic groups. The school uses personalized education programs to encourage high academic achievement and student growth. Creekside has both state and national accreditation, and offers a wide variety of programs for special-needs students, talented and gifted and English-language-learners.

As a neighborhood school, Creekside provides services that build community while providing opportunities for all students to achieve success. Special programs in our school include literacy support, English language development, special education services,  PBIS (Positive Behavior Support),  and gifted and talented (G&T). Services for students learning English follow the co-teaching approach in which English language resource teachers co-teach with the general education teacher in the regular classroom.

Creekside offers a rich tapestry of co-curricular programs during and after school, including but not limited to full day kindergarten, pre kindergarten classes, literacy support, student council, national geography and spelling bee competitions,  gifted and talented support, a talent show, grade level music performances, individual and class pictures, and after school child care provided by the YMCA. In addition, Creekside is fortunate to have the support from the city of Boulder with the Family Resource Schools Program (FRS). This additional support provides after school enrichment, parenting support, counseling and community resource programs for students and their families. Some of the after school enrichment classes include yoga, chess, knitting, karate, and computer coding.

Our cutting edge, energy efficient, school building provides students and teachers with flexible teaching and learning spaces. Creekside seeks to provide instructional experiences that foster the BVSD Innovation Guiding Principles:

1. Learning Is Founded in Inquiry
2. Learning Fosters a Culture of Curiosity and Risk Taking
3. Mastery of Learning Is Demonstrated in Multiple Ways
4. Learning Is a Social Process
5. Learning Is Powerful When Students Create Solutions to Authentic Challenges That Impact Their Local, National or Global Community
6. Learning Is Personalized and Learner Led