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    Sheila Cullenhttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/Sheila_Cullen.aspxhttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/Sheila_Cullen.aspx{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Sheila CullenTeacherGP0|#76c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4;L0|#076c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4|3rd grade;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#07b53fa8-c2a8-4f4d-9b2a-5d157a6d7826;GPP|#fcb3d91a-5cf6-4a61-a3a4-04ac8b9fba73;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff720-561-3819sheila.cullen@bvsd.org2-3 Learning Community This is my ​fourteenth​ year at Creekside. My undergraduate degree is in Spanish literature and Elementary Education and I have an ESL endorsement, I am currently working on my masters in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education. ​<br>I have had extensive training in early literacy and it is my passion. I strongly believe that children should be treated with dignity and respect and that we need to educate the whole child. We have these little ones for such a short time in their lives and it is our job to inspire a love of learning and a "wonderment​" for the world and their place in it. <div>In my free time I love to travel, read, do yoga, make jewelry, run, hike with my dogs and spend time with my family.<br></div>
    Becky Legghttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/becky_legg.aspxhttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/becky_legg.aspx{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Becky LeggTEACHERGP0|#69bde3f6-b7fd-4e3c-9844-a73a1ba44a23;L0|#069bde3f6-b7fd-4e3c-9844-a73a1ba44a23|2nd grade;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#07b53fa8-c2a8-4f4d-9b2a-5d157a6d7826;GPP|#fcb3d91a-5cf6-4a61-a3a4-04ac8b9fba73;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff720-561-3873rebecca.legg@bvsd.org2/3 Learning Communityhttps://sites.google.com/a/bvsd.org/creekside2016-17/home, https://sites.google.com/a/bvsd.org/creekside2016-17/home​​​I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, then attended CU Boulder. I graduated with a BS in business, then pursued my teaching certificate in elementary education. I also have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and have taught full time for 21 years. I began my teaching career in Glendale, Arizona, where I lived and worked for 6 years, before returning to Colorado. I have been teaching in BVSD at Creekside for the past 15 years. I currently teach Kindergarten, and I love it! The children are so enthusiastic at this age. I have two children of my own; my daughter is in college and my son is a senior in high school. In my limited free time I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, Ebaying and wildlife photography.<br>
    Alysa_Spicerhttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/Alysa_Spicer.aspxhttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/Alysa_Spicer.aspx{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Alysa_SpicerILC TeacherGP0|#f0c4c5b0-a36a-4c92-81a1-0a24d0f593c9;L0|#0f0c4c5b0-a36a-4c92-81a1-0a24d0f593c9|Special Education;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ffGP0|#932cbbe0-469c-429d-9c1b-b8d7a8a01e2f;L0|#0932cbbe0-469c-429d-9c1b-b8d7a8a01e2f|1st grade;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#07b53fa8-c2a8-4f4d-9b2a-5d157a6d7826;GPP|#fcb3d91a-5cf6-4a61-a3a4-04ac8b9fba73;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff;GP0|#69bde3f6-b7fd-4e3c-9844-a73a1ba44a23;L0|#069bde3f6-b7fd-4e3c-9844-a73a1ba44a23|2nd grade;GP0|#76c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4;L0|#076c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4|3rd grade;GP0|#3e0a92e2-c13d-4fe6-b05d-f38bff7e7309;L0|#03e0a92e2-c13d-4fe6-b05d-f38bff7e7309|4th grade;GP0|#16bece83-9589-49bd-9f15-61a69f81fa11;L0|#016bece83-9589-49bd-9f15-61a69f81fa11|5th grade;GP0|#45745477-98e9-4dd1-8631-080d7cb0482a;L0|#045745477-98e9-4dd1-8631-080d7cb0482a|Kindergarten720-561-3800702-561-3800<p>​<span style="color:#222222;font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:small;">My name is Aly Spicer and I received my degree in Special Education K-12 from The University of Alabama (roll tide!) in 2010. I started my career in autism education in 2011 at The Joshua School, Denver. I taught at TJS for three years working with individuals ages 11-15. During my time at TJS I helped open the new Boulder campus. In 2014 I transitioned to the public school system and taught an elementary ILC autism classroom in St. Vrain for two years. In 2016 I decided to take some time off to travel the world. I spent 8 months backpacking through South East Asia and a little over one month living and traveling in a camper-van in New Zealand! It has been a wonderful and life-changing experience but I am excited to return to my life passion career and join the Creekside family!! </span><br></p>
    Mary Strinehttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/mary_strine.aspxhttps://cre.bvsd.org/About/directory/Pages/mary_strine.aspx{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Mary StrineTEACHERGP0|#76c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4;L0|#076c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4|3rd grade;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#07b53fa8-c2a8-4f4d-9b2a-5d157a6d7826;GPP|#fcb3d91a-5cf6-4a61-a3a4-04ac8b9fba73;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff720-561-3824mary.strine@bvsd.org2-3 Learning Communityhttps://20162017mrsstrines5thgradeclass.shutterfly.com/, https://20162017mrsstrines5thgradeclass.shutterfly.com/​My name is Mary Strine and I’ve been at Creekside for 18 years. I did a job share in fourth grade with Kristy Kowalczyk for 8 years, taught third for 8 years and am now in fifth grade. This is my third year as a fifth grade teacher. I have my M.A. in Bilingual Education from CU. I love teaching and I think I found my niche in fifth grade. I have run the Chess Club for over ten years, and a Chess Travel team for three years. I’ve been the teacher lead for the Garden to Table for over eight years. I enjoy running many after school activities and think Creekside has the best parents in the district. I have a passion for ice hockey and coach a disabled team as well as play on many women’s teams. GO COUGARS!​<br>