Barbara Woodbury{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Barbara WoodburyOCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST, FD 17GP0|#a3f84e0e-1eb9-4e8c-8d1c-e5bcccdd3413;L0|#0a3f84e0e-1eb9-4e8c-8d1c-e5bcccdd3413|Resource;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff720-561-5661barb.woodbury@bvsd.orgRoom 69<p>​My name is Barb Woodbury and I am one of the occupational therapists here at Creekside. I have a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Middlebury College in Vermont and my MS degree in occupational therapy is from Colorado State University. I’ve worked in this building for most of my 16 year career with BVSD – primarily as the preschool OT and the OT for the Intensive Learning Center. I love working with the kids here and at my other schools. I’m also a Creekside parent – my daughter, Grace Mei Matassa, is a fifth grader in Mr. Tomich's class. On my free time I enjoy skiing, fishing, hiking with my family, cycling and watercolor painting.​</p>
    Julie_Parks{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Julie_ParksESL TeacherGP0|#a3f84e0e-1eb9-4e8c-8d1c-e5bcccdd3413;L0|#0a3f84e0e-1eb9-4e8c-8d1c-e5bcccdd3413|Resource;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff720-561-3800julie.parks@bvsd.orgK-1 Learning Community<p>​I grew up in Boulder attending Boulder Valley Schools from kindergarten through high school. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Education from University of Colorado and my first teaching job was in BVSD. My family and I have moved around, living in Seattle, WA, Montrose, CO and Dallas, TX. In 2004 we were happily able to return to Boulder. I have taught at several schools in the District since our return; University Hill, Ryan, Fireside, and Eisenhower. My positions have included Literacy/Reading Recovery Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher and finally ELD Teacher after earning a Master's Degree in Equity and Cultural Diversity/Bilingual Education in 2008 from CU. I love to travel and experience other cultures, but Colorado is home and I appreciate being able to hike regularly.<br></p>
    Sara Jenkins{bb9ea5bd-51eb-4046-b4c3-272094f6a2d3}Sara JenkinsSPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTGP0|#549cc945-b672-43d1-843e-840a6b16c0c4;L0|#0549cc945-b672-43d1-843e-840a6b16c0c4|Specialists;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#a2b06d31-c461-4bcb-b12b-273c96e77b9b;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff;GP0|#a3f84e0e-1eb9-4e8c-8d1c-e5bcccdd3413;L0|#0a3f84e0e-1eb9-4e8c-8d1c-e5bcccdd3413|Resource;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3XXX-XXX-XXXXsara.jenkins@bvsd.orgRoom 8I am originally from Indiana, where I received my B.A. from Indiana University in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I went on to get my M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Rush University in Chicago, IL. Prior to working in the schools, I provided birth-3 services in the home, and therapy in a clinical setting for children and young adults. I moved to Colorado from Chicago in 2004 and I have been at Creekside since 2006. My husband and I have two children (a daughter and a son) and 1 dog. I love spending my free time with my family (preferably outdoors) enjoying the Colorado sunshine. I have always enjoyed what I do, and I am very happy to be a part of the Creekside community!<br>