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Creekside Elementary School
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CPO- Creekside Parent Organization

Our CPO is open to all members of the school community and everyone attending a meeting is eligible to vote on any actions we take. 

Creekside Elementary has an active Parent Organization (CPO) comprised of parents, faculty and our school Principal. It is a very active and effective team that functions as a true community to support the school in a wide range of ways. Our monthly meetings provide a chance for open and insightful discussions about issues important to our school community such as curriculum, student achievement, school goals, school climate, budgets, fundraising, and school social events.

CPO meetings are often a time to discuss critically important aspects of the school. For example, the Principal brings the Unified Improvement Plan (which is created by the staff each year and every school must develop) to the CPO meeting so that parents can better understand and support the programs and philosophies of the school.  The Principal also has in-depth and open book discussions with the parents about budgeting each year to help parents understand many of the decisions that are made related to the budget each year.
During the summer of 2012, the CPO Executive Committee (the elected parent leadership of CPO) worked very hard to help CPO become a 501(c)3 which allows us to significantly broaden our fundraising capabilities.  We have also recruited a parent who is a professional grant writer to help apply for both very large and small grants each year. Joining the Creekside Parent Organization is a great way to be involved in your child's education, to know what is happening at the school, and to learn about ways to support your school and your student. 

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Creekside Bike Train

What's a Bike Train?
On a bike train, conductors – mostly parents – ride with students as a group along an established route as they bike to school. As the train grows in size, picking up riders as it goes, it becomes increasingly conspicuous to motorists, encouraging the motorists to slow down and pass carefully or motivating drivers to choose another route.
Below is the map of the proposed Bike Train Routes.  For more information, visit the CPO website.